Post-Workout Recovery Drinks

Post-workout recovery drinks are great for athletes, especially if you’re looking to pick it up again and want or need to start training or competing again soon after.

Competing in races or events and even general training can be tough on your body. Pushing yourself to the limits saps your energy and a recovery drink can help you keep up with your progressions or to ensure that you give your body what it needs to mend and replenish sooner.

After heavy training or competing your central nervous system will be fatigued, you’ll have high levels of oxidative stress, you’ll have depleted glycogen levels, you’ll have a high core temperature, an elevated heart rate, and even blood pooling at your extremities takes place.

We’ve previously covered the topic of recovery nutrition for athletes, where we highlighted how a balanced carbohydrate-moderate protein meal with fluids plays an essential role in proper recovery.

To help you understand when and what to drink as a post workout recovery drink, this infographic is a great source of information:

Post-Workout Recovery Drinks

Here’s also a great post-workout recovery drink you can make yourself:

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