Poly-Rope Gymnastic Rings Review

Gymnastic rings training is an incredibly challenging method of bodyweight and suspension training, which considerably improves strength in your upper body and your endurance. Using gymnastic rings for training is common in functional fitness settings, however poly-rope gymnastic rings are not often enough seen or used, yet they should be. We review this great gymnastic rings option and those offered by REBEL Elite Fitness.

Poly Rope Gymnastic Rings (1)

Poly-Rope Gymnastic Rings are built to handle ring dips, muscle-ups, back levers, front levers, pull-ups, ring push-ups, ring rows, skin the cats, and anything else you can throw at them.

They do not differ in what they offer, but they differ in the control you require to do these movements. These Poly-Rope Gymnastic Rings from REBEL Elite Fitness require greater stability than wooden or plastic rings for complex movements, but are great for less complex movements, like ring rows. Instead of relying on the stability of solid rings, these rope-style ring mean you need to have greater control in your hands and wrists.

They are made from a durable polyblend, which is softer on your hands – again, a great option for ladies, kids and older athletes. Another great benefit is that they are light and conveniently portable – making them great for those who want to take them with on trips so they can train almost anywhere.

These Poly-Rope Gymnastic Rings come with heavy-duty straps and buckles, allowing you to easily and securely adjust the length they hang from, and the straps are 5.5m long, making them long enough to hang from high ceilings or fixtures. Additionally, the straps also come with numbered measurements, so you can quickly adjust both rings to the same height without hassle.

If you’re interested in finding out more or to order them, then go online here.

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