Performance Knee Kit by Trigger Point Therapy Review

Your knees often bear the brunt of intense workouts causing knee ache that can leave you in pain to a point where even your sleep can be disrupted. This is not exclusive to runners; it affects athletes from a wide spectrum of sports including Crossfit. Thankfully, the Performance Knee Kit is a smart solution to that problem.

Recovery Trigger Kit

The Performance Knee Kit targets muscle areas that have the most influence over the knee. The kit  includes Trigger Point Performance self-massage tools (TP FootBaller and Baller Block, TP QuadBaller and a Massage Ball).

There is even an instructional DVD that gives you a step by step analysis of Trigger Point Performance Myofascial Compression Techniques. Use it to discover how to implement six different manipulations that will provide an effective fix to knee aches and pains.

The kit will help you to produce, reduce or stabilise force as needed. The TP footballer is a fantastic deep-massage tool that has a patented substance-related material that actually reacts to body heat by changing its shape and texture.

Regular use will assist by improving blood circulation and spare you a lot of pain and suffering. In addition, it will also help with training. Less pain translates into more mobility and greater range of motion and you being able to give off a more championed effort in training or even competition.

The Performance Knee Kit by Trigger Point Therapy is available online here.

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