Olympic Bumper Plate Holder

The Olympic bumper plate holder, or vertical bumper plate tree, from REBEL Elite Fitness is a compact storage equipment system which will help those with limited space, making the most of what you have available.

Bumper Plate Plate Holder

When it comes to home gyms and functional fitness gyms, like a CrossFit boxes, storage is an essential part of your setup and layout. Making the most of often limited space means you need to be smart about the storage of your equipment.

Although there are many bumper plate storage systems available, none offer the compact storage many look for and it’s for that reason that this Olympic bumper plate holder, which is constructed of the highest quality, is a must have item.

This vertical plate tree weight stand is a commercial quality machine-made equipment storage system which is designed to store the heaviest of Olympic bumper plates. Its spacing between the horizontal sections allows for storage of a combination of all your plates, from smaller fractional plates to standard full sized rubber bumper plates, and has enough room to slide them on and above one another.

If you’re looking for that perfect compact bumper plate storage solution, then this Olympic bumper plate holder from REBEL Elite Fitness is your answer. Order and enquire online via the REBEL Elite Fitness website now…

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