Olympic Bar Holder Floor Stand Review

Recently we’ve looked at a number of great equipment storage solutions offered by Africa’s premier supplier of fitness equipment, REBEL Elite Fitness. Storing your equipment is fundamental, especially when you consider equipment an investment which you want to last you as long as possible.

Olympic Bar Holder Floor Stand (1)

One of the most important pieces of equipment to store properly are your barbells. Proper storage ensures they’re keep out of the way and avoid unnecessary damage. In this feature we’re reviewing the Olympic Bar Holder Floor Stand, which is one of the original designs in which to store barbells vertically. It’s a classic barbell storage solution seen all over the world.

However, this newly designed Olympic Bar Holder Floor Stand from RBELE Elite Fitness boasts some new and improved features, which are less common! This quality built and free-standing rack allows for easy and quick storage of up to 10 Olympic barbells, plus it has two unique Olympic bar collar sleeves (each 28cm high). These sleeves are meant for the convenient storage of your Olympic bar collars (Spring Collars, Lock-Jaw Collars, etc).

The Olympic Bar slots will hold your barbells vertically in a secure and stable manner, ensuring they’re safely stored. The stand also has a wide footprint and rubber grips on the legs of the stand to offer superb stability.

It’s an easy to use barbell storage solution which will look and function just as well in a professional training facility as it would in a home gym.

If you are interested in purchasing this great product, go online here to order.

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