Off-Season Tips for Runners

After a good running season, it is very easy for one to slink into a state of perpetual slothness. Your healthy eating habits will probably go out the window and it is very likely that your clothes will soon appear to be a bit smaller. There is definitely no need to let yourself slide. Keep focused and fine-tuned by following these fantastic off-season tips for runners.


Monitor Your Diet

Resist the temptation to turn your mouth into a human garbage disposal. It is too easy to just start binging on junk food during off-season, as many think of it as a reward for having endured a hard season. We are not saying cut out all the junk completely, but maintain a healthy eating plan and treat yourself on occasion. Don’t forget: a healthy eating plan should not be perceived as temporary practice, but rather as a way of life.

Set New Goals

Even in your off-season you should be contemplating about how you can become a better runner. Do some self-reflecting. Think about what you could have done differently to have achieved belter results. No matter who you are, chances are there is always room for improvement. After you have pinpointed some areas that need improvement, make a note of them and set goals to fix them and become a better runner.

Improve Your Running Knowledge

Off-season is the best time to improve your running knowledge as you will have a little more time. It is not a cliché – knowledge is indeed power. Try to read up as much as possible on running tips, training techniques or any other running related articles. Trawl the internet, visit the library and take in as much BENEFICIAL information as you can.

Stay Active

After an intense season you definitely can make a case for a well-earned break, but don’t take an absolute sabbatical from staying active. You should still continue with your training, but lighten the intensity and sessions. The worst thing you can do is cut back completely and then you find yourself having to play catch up when your season begins. You can also play other sports (soccer, volleyball, etc.) socially in a further bid to keep active.

Iron Out Those Kinks

Having extra down time is an ideal time to start working on those imbalances and iron out those aches and pains that have plagued you as a result of putting numerous miles underneath your heels. Invest in some great rehab products, such as foam roller, massage roller, massage ball etc. By making regular use of these recovery tools on a daily basis, it should manifest into a habit by the time you are back in running season which will do wonders for your blood circulation, muscle elasticity and more.

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