Mobility Exercises for Runners

Doing mobility work unlocks your body and can release your body’s full potential. For runners, mobility is becoming more and more important and doing the right mobility exercises should be an essential part of daily routine. In this feature we discuss this topic a little more and give you some great suggestions for mobility exercises for runners through very informative videos.

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By committing to as little as ten to fifteen minutes a day, you could vastly improve your overall mobility, which in turn will help with injury prevention, release pain and stiffness and it will optimize performance. What we’re talking about here is the difference between good and great athletes, mostly due to the effort put in to ensure all areas of their health and fitness is taking care of in the best way possible – and mobility exercises for runners just adds another tool in the arsenal for great runners.

Additionally, the long-term benefits of doing more mobility work is an important factor in itself – if you can ensure a healthier and more mobile you when you’re older, then what more could you ask for, especially when most elderly people suffer from mobility issues, and so many of those issues are due to past injuries gained through sports.

With an understanding of how important mobility exercises are for runners, you now need to do the right ones. Here are some great mobility exercises to try out. These videos are compiled by Kelly Starrett, a coach and physical therapist who is fast becoming world renowned for pushing the limits on how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

Foot and Ankle Mobility

Calve Mobility

Calve and Heel Mobility

Quad Mobility

Hamstring Mobility

Glute Mobility

Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility and Extension

Shoulder Mobility

The gear and equipment used to assist with mobility exercises, as seen in the videos, can be found at REBEL Elite Fitness.

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