Mental Benefits of Exercising

For most exercising is part of part of daily or weekly routine with the goal to improve physical health and to obviously look and feel good as a result. We often leave workouts feeling better for it and yet for most we never really consider how many mental benefits of exercising there really are. In this feature we have a great infographic below which shows just how great exercising is for you mental state.

Regardless of your age or level of fitness, there are several studies which are being done which are aimed at highlighting the true mental benefits of exercise – both short and long term. We’ve also covered the topic of combining physical and mental training for better performance results – one of the stand out notions is how well your brain reacts after exercise; as you ramp up the concentration of growth factors circulating in your blood after exercise you can actually get so much more done as a result.

Mental Benefits of Exercising Infographic

Mental Benefits of Exercising 1 (1)

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