Mastering the Snatch Technique (Videos)

The snatch is one of two Olympic lifts (the other being the clean), and it’s quite easily the more difficult of the two. It’s the world’s fastest lift and it’s a complex movement which takes years of slowly mastering the snatch technique and even once “mastered”, it takes many years to get to a point where you’re truly achieving you max potential. Olympic champions dedicate their lives to the sport and even they have moments where it comes apart and they miss lifts.

Mastering the Snatch Technique (Videos)

According to CrossFit, the snatch is the ultimate in athleticism, a feat of strength without peer. We could not agree more.

What makes the snatch a difficult lift are the transitions you need to perfectly move through; from the first pull all the way to standing to lock-out after coming out of the overhead squat. In this feature the brilliant crew from Barbell Shrugged take you through the essentials of mastering the snatch technique. Watch these videos and get your snatch technique that much closer to perfect…

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