Learning Butterfly Pull-Ups

Dead-hang pull-ups, kipping pull-ups and butterfly pull-ups all have their place in CrossFit and functional fitness, but for the more advanced athletes, learning butterfly pull-ups are a must, especially for competition.

Although learning the elusive butterfly pull-ups is something we all want to achieve, keep in mind that mastering the basics, like deadhang and kipping pull-ups are essential first. Good benchmarks here are achieving 20 or more deadhang pull-ups, and 50 or more kipping pull-ups, respectively. Once you master these, the learning of butterfly pull-ups are on the cards, for sure.

Learning Butterfly Pull-Ups

In this great series of videos, Carl Paoli, of Naka Athletics, brings you top tips on learning butterfly pull-ups and their progressions. Carl is know for putting together some of the best videos on tips and advice for various gymnastics and other movements, as well as efficiency and movement tips for the CrossFit Games Open workouts each year.

Learning Butterfly Pull-Ups Videos

What other tips or advice on learning butterfly pull-ups have you used that helped?

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  1. Phillip Gibb says:

    ummm, 20 or more deadhang pull-ups? Well that counts me out – I can barely do 10. I am pretty sure it has to do with the physical setup of the body as much as fitness

    • It’s a guideline, because many tend to want to master the fancier stuff before mastering the basics (common among coaches and athletes alike) – in CrossFit mastering the basics is all about “virtuosity”; doing the common, uncommonly well. Each form also has it’s role in increasing strength and capability to ensure the “next level” is achieved with more ease and efficiency.

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