Jump to the Stars Challenge

CrossFit LEO is hosting another great charity event on the 8th March 2014!

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They conquered the mistress named wall balls by doing more than 20, 000 of them, and then spat in the face of the mighty burpee by doing over 17, 000 reps. All these were previous challenges all done in the name of charity.

This year they’ve decided on the shin destroying box jump! CrossFit LEO in association with REBEL Elite Fitness brings you a world first event that will test you both mentally and physically. They are attempting to literally jump to the stars by doing as many box jumps as they can, and you’re invited to join in the cause. By combining the total shared height of al the box jumps done on the day they plan to make history as the first CrossFit box in the world attempting to jump to space.

By donating R1.00 per box jump completed, either by you or a nominee (you can nominate anyone to do a box jump), you can be a part of this awesome event. The donations made will be contributed to the Word Brother Organization which helps young and underprivileged stars by giving them a chance to shine.

Additionally, each person who completes 1000 box jumps will receive a goodie hamper, and there will be prizes for the most donations made and most box jumps done on the day. After the box jumps challenge ends, they plan to have a day filled with live shows; so pack your picnic bags and bring a chair for the entertainment.

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