inov-8 Wrag 30 Review

Wrags, also known as buffs, are a great and simple apparel accessory which many people use for everyday use and especially for outdoor and sporting reasons. They are versatile and very useful, especially in colder months or when you need to protect you face and head from the elements.

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A multi-use and seamless head wrap, the inov-8 Wrag 30 keeps the head, face and neck protected from the sun, wind and rain. It’s specifically designed for athletes who face various conditions and who need comfort and functionality to be paramount.

The fast-wicking and fast drying material makes it extremely usefully in active environments, and the seamless design, which ensures comfort, allows it to be used in various configurations as a multifunctional item of apparel. Other features include that it’s made from a wind resistance fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable. It only weighs 30 grams, making it light and manageable whichever way you wear or use it.

This multifunctional headwear apparel offers superior protection from the cold, wind or sun. You can wear it as a scarf, cap, headscarf, headband, mask or ski mask to be used while doing a variety of sports with complete confidence and comfort.

It’s great for runners, adventure racers, mountain bikers, motocross riders, golfers, tennis players, cyclist, rock climbers, snow boarders, skate boarders, hikers, motorcyclist and just about any other outdoor activist you can name.

The stylish design features a durable sublimation print in a variety of colour options, and it offers a one size fits all solution so it fits snugly.

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Each pack comes with two wrags, and you can order yours online here.

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