inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 208 Review

It would be foolish to discount the role that a running shoe plays when it comes to running. It could account for the difference between an okay run and an amazing run. We previously reviewed the inov-8 BARE-X 200; now we have a look at this other supreme running shoe. Drumroll! Introducing the inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 208.

inov-8 ROAD - X-TREMET 208


This shoe has been designed to help you tear that tar up. It promotes a fast run as it has a 6 mm heel-to-toe drop, which actually encourages natural stability. As it is minimalist, the shoe discourages heel striking, adding some extra miles under your heels. It is lightweight and highly responsive – and best of all, will allow for high performance without unnecessary chaffing. Your feet will receive great ventilation because of the inclusion of a highly breathable mesh on the upper.


Your feet are well protected by the inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 208. It absorbs the impact of the foot hitting the ground in great stride. Also if you encounter stones, shrapnel or glass, they will not penetrate this bad boy. Even if you accidentally kick a hard surface, your feet will still be well protected.


Just like its accompanying components, the sole has been designed with immense precision. This dynamic specimen has injected EVA covered in a high traction rubber – making it a joy to run in.


The inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 208 is very comfortable and fits like a proper running shoe should – providing good support without discomfort. It’s extremely roomy toe box is an added plus for the serial toe splayer. (If you are in the habit of toe splaying during a work out, you will realise that a cramped toe box can cause a lot of discomfort.)


The bottom of the sole has a sticky runner surface that will give you that extra grip. This is a must for running at faster speeds. It handles very well and will give you that extra traction, which could potentially spare you a lot of pain. The road can sometimes be tricky to run on, especially after heavy rains, and good traction is a must.


Your run matters. Don’t settle for anything other than the best. The inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 208 is a frontrunner on the running shoe market. It embodies what a good running shoe should be. You can buy it at select stores or online here.

What shoe do you run in?

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