inov-8 Race Elite Extreme 10 Review

Especially when you are going on a lengthy run, you are going to need a good running pack to carry your running essentials. We previously reviewed the inov-8 Race Elite 25, now let’s have a look at the inov-8 Race Elite Extreme 10, a revolutionary, lightweight 10-litre pack.


If you are the type of runner who is prone to going on long mountain races, the inov-8 Race Elite is exactly what you need. This running pack also keeps to the inov-8 tradition of rendering a minimalist nature. It is lightweight and weighs only 105g. That is a huge plus and a factor that will be welcomed especially on those long, drawn out runs – where reducing weight is highly important.

It may be lightweight in nature but do not be fooled by its modest demeanour. The inov-8 Race Elite Extreme 10 is certainly one tough bugger and is extremely durable with a whole lot of functionality.

It features two mesh pockets that function as 500ml bottle holders. That is very handy but the most pleasing thing about it is they are situated in a position that is perfect for you to reach them. This means no faffing about to access your water bottles as you are running.

You will be pleased to know that it has a superb fit. Props has to be awarded to the sternum strap that is fully adjustable, to give you that ideal fit. So as you run, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary swaying that hinders your balance and your running mojo. There are also two very lightweight shoulder straps that serve its purpose in a most pleasing manner – they are highly comfortable.

A 10-litre pack means you are going to have more than sufficient room to bring along your running essentials. Now you can tackle those long runs and still carry everything that you need without it compromising your run. The materials that it is made off consists of PU coated Nylon Ripstop, 3D Airmesh and Stretch Mesh. It will not buckle under the pressure and keeps your contents safe and sound.

Especially with the sometimes unpredictable nature of weather patterns and long running routes, you can’t afford to be without a running pack. The inov-8 Race Elite Extreme 10 has set a very high standard for running packs. Get one today and find out why, first-hand for yourself.

Do you ever run with a running pack?

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