inov-8 Powerheel Review

We’ve previously covered an important topic on the benefits of Olympic weightlifting shoes, and the significant points which stand out are that they add a solid foundation and an elevated heel, which increases performance. Not only does it help with performance, but for those with limited mobility in their hips, ankles, knees, shoulders, the elevated heel also plays an important role in assisting – especially for beginners.

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However, not everyone wants to buy Olympic weightlifting shoes – either because they’re beginners, it’s relatively expensive, etc. Now, although Olympic weightlifting shoes, like the inov-8 FASTLIFT, are a great investment, the new inov-8 Powerheel offers an inexpensive solution, and one which also has additional benefits…

The lightweight strap-on heel that can be fitted to an inov-8 shoe to increase stability and support when weightlifting. The angled drop helps you get deeper into the squat and drive the bar high, knowing your balance is secured by the Powerheel. And then, one of the biggest benefits, is that it gives you the versatility you need when you want a weightlifting shoe for the Olympic lifts in part of your WOD – it’s versatile enough to strap on and take off easily and quickly. It’s also great for travelling athletes who don’t want to carry around multiple pairs of shoes.

Additionally, it’s a great tool for coaches – with clients that have mobility issues in their squats, this is a brilliant instrument which can quickly and easily assist, instead of using planks/boards for elevated heel support.

Either way you look at it, the inov-8 Powerheel is an incredible and pioneering product with applications suitable for beginners, seasoned athletes and coaches.


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