inov-8 MISTLITE PANT 130 Review

As much as we love trail running, we have to admit, you have to go prepared. Your trail running essentials should include a good pair of off-road running pants. You should always put yourself first and go with the best. In this case the best off-road running pants would be the brilliant inov-8 MISTLITE PANT 130.

Inov-8 Mistlite 130 pants

This product keeps in line with the inov-8 tradition of making superior products as these pants are truly something to behold. Even if you are the type of person who prefers running in shorts, you never know what type of weather you are going to encounter – the elements are unpredictable. You will be grateful that you went with the MISTLITE PANT 130 – especially if you get caught in a downpour as these pants are waterproof and will keep your legs dry.

Even if the weather is good, these pants are still great to run in. Firstly, they are very breathable so you don’t have to worry about burning up like an over-heating engine – your hardworking legs will receive the required ventilation. They are also windproof so the pants legs wont flap around (flapping pants can be a huge annoyance when running).

In addition, the inov-8 MISTLITE PANT 130 is tough and durable. It is lightweight and made from PU coated rip stop nylon. They are unisex, have a stylish cut and they weigh only 130grams. You can effortlessly carry them in a volume pack.  These off-road running pants can be purchased online here for R495.

What pants do you use when you go for a trail run?

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