inov-8 – For the Different Kind of Athlete

The inception of inov-8 (back in 2003) can be credited for creating a new wave in running shoes. inov-8 is a UK brand that has positioned itself as the world’s leading minimalist and functional fitness shoes. Minimalist shoes (lightweight shoes that simulate barefoot running) have become a bonafide buzzword in the running world. inov-8 can proudly lay claim to being the first brand to identify the benefits of minimalist running.

Inov-8 Shoes

inov-8 started a renaissance in running shoes as more and more runners began to latch on to these fantastic shoes that are ideal for road running, trail running, off road running, CrossFit and more. These shoes are extremely comfortable and flexible – promoting minimal injuries. With good reason, even technical runners swear by them.

A Breakdown of What inov-8 is All About

Off Road

This exciting form of running is fantastic for endurance and relates to all types of trail running, adventure racing and obstacle course running. inov-8 brings forth a dynamic and durable range of off road shoes that always put comfort first and at the same time keep it trendy. These shoes are lightweight, highly durable and are more than happy to get deep, down and dirty. From aggressively studded soles to meticulously spiked soles, inov-8 will help you own your off road run.


Road running is one of the world’s most popular sports and the number of road runners continues to escalate with immense ferocity on a daily basis. When it comes to road running shoes, inov-8 are industry kings with good reason; they are highly lightweight while still being tough and flexible at the same time. They are breathable and provide extreme grip for the runner. There is minimal or no height difference between the heel and forefoot (like all inov-8 shoes) which assists with the prevention of injuries. The contact area creates a smooth and low-impact run.

Fast and Lite

inov-8’s Fast and Lite line of shoes exude extreme comfort and pleasingly can still take the hard knocks without hesitance. It includes various hiking boots that are designed for mixed terrain and provide extreme traction in muddy conditions. They also include various shoes that are simply amazing for distance running and hiking through even the harshest of conditions – tough on terrain and soft on you.

Functional Fitness

The inov-8 functional fitness range is geared towards all functional fitness training, especially that of CrossFit training (a strength and conditioning program that deals with constantly varied, high intensity movement). This shoe range is radically comfortable and provides a barefoot feel – which is excellent for good movement and posture. Perfect for high energy situations, whether you are performing Olympic lifting or smashing out your box jumps, rest assured, these shoes will give you extreme traction, which is necessary for slick, perspiration drenched surfaces. In fact, inov-8 will be releasing their inov-8 Olympic lifting shoes soon – recognized as being insanely light, sturdy and perfect for functional fitness.

Pre and Post Race

To get the most out of your running training, don’t take any shortcuts. Get yourself some inov-8 pre and post race shoes and reap the rewards. The Evoskin is fantastic for strengthening the foot and can be likened to a silicone glove for the foot. Training in the Recolite 190 after a race will give you some extra miles as it is designed to relax the foot into a natural position. Again, inov-8 takes care of all situations, for all types of runners and athletes.


From off road running to CrossFit to road running, inov-8 should be your obvious choice. inov-8 is the quintessential case of the proof being in the pudding. As your feet are a part of you, they deserve nothing but the best, regardless of whether or not you are a budding athlete or a seasoned pro. For that very reason, you should go with inov-8 – satisfaction assured!


Do you own a pair of inov-8s? We would love to hear which inov-8 product(s) best suit your sporting needs…

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