inov-8 FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315 Review

inov-8 FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315

If you read our highly insightful piece on the benefits of Olympic weightlifting shoes, then you should have a good understanding about how important good Olympic weightlifting shoes are for Olympic weightlifting. With the launch of the inov-8 FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315, the bar for Olympic weightlifting shoes, especially those targeted at CrossFit and functional fitness athletes, has now been raised.

Here is our complete guide to these incredible Olympic weightlifting shoes (inov-8 FASTLIFT 335 for men, and FASTLIFT 315 for women), which should be landing on South African shores by the end of July.

inov-8 FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315 Review


Given the rigid nature of traditional weightlifting shoes, CrossFit and other functional fitness athletes will often find a need to change shoes to complete workouts which go beyond weightlifting (like couplets, triplets, etc.). The FASTLIFT utilizes inov-8’s Meta-Flex system in the sole to enhance their flexibility and comfort, allowing for a much easier transition, while still wearing these shoes, between the different elements and movements of a workout.

This makes these shoes extremely versatile, as their functionality is not limited to Olympic weightlifting, but rather extends to those other movements better than any other Olympic weightlifting shoes available.


Due to the grueling nature of Olympic weightlifting you are going to need a shoe that is kind to your feet too. These shoes are exceptionally comfortable and will keep your feet bruise-free – inov-8 have created an Olympic weightlifting shoe which feels similar to normal training shoes. The Meta-Flex system also enhances comfort in the forefoot, so your feet won’t take unnecessary strain.

The External Heel Cage makes allowance for internal comfort, while providing lateral stability, and the toe box has enough room for you to toe-splay without unnecessary shifting.


Your Oly shoes need extra traction if you are going to perform at your best; both the FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315 have outstanding grip and will not let you down, even when you are working out on a slick surface. The Meta-Flex system has to take credit for this too, as it features a sticky rubber outsole with suction cup indentations for that added grip.

inov-8 FASTLIFT Sole

Support and Stability

The inclusion of cutting edge Olympic weightlifting footwear technology has ensured that FASTLIFT users receive bolstered support and stability. The External Heel Cage and Power-Truss system (the cylindrical tubes of the heel) forms a super solid base without having to use unnecessary weight.

Apart from the lace-up system, there is an additional strap which goes over the foot. This strap secures your foot in the shoe firmly enough to limit lateral movement, ensuring the best stability and support.


A major plus is that the FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315 are both very lightweight (335 grams for the men’s shoe and 315 grams for the women’s shoe). So even though they are Oly shoes, you will still be able to move quickly in them.

Inov-8 sponsored athlete Nicola Simpson affirmed that notion when she competed at the recent European CrossFit Regional event in Denmark, she was pleasantly surprised to see how light they felt as well as how fast she could move in them.

Performance Specific

FASTLIFT keeps in line with the inov-8 tradition of creating products that give athletes that extra push to make them perform at their best. Yes, these awesome shoes are wholeheartedly performance specific, even the fit is a performance fit.

The  inov-8 FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315 enjoys superb agility, which is essential for CrossFit and other functional fitness exercises such as box jumps, double-unders, sprints, etc.  A 0.75 inch heel creates the perfect wedge for achieving that deep squat when performing squats (for some great pointers on squatting, read our article on squat strength).


After working out in inov-8’s FASTLIFT 335 or FASTLIFT 315, you will wonder how on Earth you trained in anything else. Their functionality is absolutely superb and for those fashion conscious types, an added plus is that they have a very trendy design, clearly. Especially if you are serious about Olympic weightlifting, these are the shoes for you!

What do you think of the inov-8 FASTLIFT 335 and FASTLIFT 315? What do you look for most in Olympic weightlifting shoes?

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