inov-8 F-LITE 249 Review

There is no doubt that inov-8’s F-LITE range has become the most popular range of shoes when it comes to training/competing in functional fitness sports. The inov-8 F-LITE 249 further adds to that very impressive range. It is the entry point to the new female specific natural F-LITE range. Here are a few water-tight attributes that make it a definitive winner.

inov-8 249


Use the F-LITE 249 to run, jump or lift – it is versatile to the core. It allows you to perform a wide range of movements in a completely non-restrictive way, making it a brilliant round functional fitness performer. It gives you really good stability when you are running or even busting out some Olympic Weightlifting. It is a really competent racing shoe. The wider fit makes excellent provision for the forefoot striker to toe splay, as well as for the constant pressure from lifting heavy weights.

Supremely Minimalist

As it is completely minimalist you will reel in a whole bunch of benefits. It is very light so you are not hauling any unnecessary extra weight. In this regard, it will encourage you to exhibit a fore foot strike, thus exhibiting good running form.


Thankfully your feet are not suffocated, as they will receive adequate ventilation. The performance upper has been meticulously crafted out of super fast drying mesh for extra breathability. Efficient breathability will keep odours at an arm’s length.


The F-LITE 249 gives you supreme support for whatever activity that you are engaging in. Included in the upper is a very competent and efficient TPU lacing system that provides even support thought the shoe. It hugs the arches and contours of the foot for that bolstered support.  A female-specific fit ensures you get the right sort of support.


The shoe is great for rope climbs, not only because of the new ROPETEC, but also because they have reinforced medial and lateral sections which increase protection. They are also very tough so they do not shy away from taking bumps and knocks when need be.


They are an absolute delight and deters unnecessary chaffing. As mentioned before,  the shoe has a female specific fit so it understands what works for the female foot – comfort is assured. It fantastic breathable lining prompts a wonderful in-shoe feel.


It has a 6mm differential with a sticky rubber outsole that has been made from rock climbing technology to perform even under wet conditions, providing that extra traction.


Those of you who are serious about training should know that a job-specific shoe is crucial. The F-LITE 249 is truly spectacular, looks great and definitely worth buying – be it for training or competing purposes.

What sort of shoes do you train functional fitness in?

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