inov-8 F-lite 235 Review

inov-8 has launched it’s insane new inov-8 F-lite 235 – a shoe which is going to stir up a fuss with all functional fitness and CrossFit athletes.


inov-8 has long been the original shoe of choice for this industry, and although other brands have forced their way into the market, inov-8 has still been hard to beat in terms of performance, comfort and value for money. Now, however, they step it up to a whole new level and have created a shoe which has the sole purpose of adding all the elements needed in a shoes meant for lifting, running, jumping, climbing, comfort and anything else you can throw at them. They are specifically designed for CrossFit and high intensity strength and conditioning training.

The first thing you will notice with these shoes is there awesome colour schemes, which have a split colour design, with various options available. The next thing you’ll pick up is that they have a unique and new shape and design, compared to other F-lite shoes, like the 195s or 240s, etc. Then, lastly you notice a lot of detail in the new sole, toe piece and the various materials used throughout them.


When you try these on, you’ll notice a very comfortable fit, with a roomy toe bumper (toe box portion) which gives your toes room to splay naturally, perfect for when running, jumping and lifting. The standard fit last features a wider toe box for comfort. They are also incredibly light. There is a pressure-venting stretch mesh on the toe box, which ensures a friction free comfort during workouts.  They also feature a 360 degree RopTec, which is a new more advanced rope climbing protection technology, which saves your feet and the shoes during rope climbs, and gives you ultimate grip during use.

These are a zero arrow shoe, which means the heel to toe differential is dead even. This makes these shoes exceptional for Oly lifting. They offer outstanding stability, and the denser heel and outsole flexibility ensures you can move naturally and with complete confidence during your workouts.

These incredible shoes will be launch in South Africa soon! If you are interested in buying them, keep a close on the inov-8 online store, the REBEL Store and their social media: REBEL Elite Fitness Facebook, REBEL Elite Fitness Twitter, inov-8 Facebook, and inov-8 Twitter.

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  1. Lewis says:

    When shoes are here a would like to buy to test in our Crossfit box we suppose to wear reebok only but.Really they are not inov.Thanking you BLAK log

    • What awsome 235 inno-8 it is the shoe our box has transformed everyone is wearing them.Dont play around with your stability my wife being a reflexoligist will tell you its where the organs of the body can be located.One of our international ooaches just did his indurance CrossFit course and guess what its foot health.

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