inov-8 F-LITE 219 Review

The problem with a lot of training shoes is that they may be good at one thing but they lack in another. This is what sets the inov-8 F-LITE 219 apart from other training shoes – it excels in every department. It has been designed specifically for the female foot – so ladies, this one’s for you …

inov-8 F-LITET 219


As they are minimalist shoes, you will be pleased about how quickly you can move in them. In fact, the inov-8 F-LITE 219 is the lightest natural F-LITE available for women.


They are fantastic for natural running, hitting the gym or just busting out those functional fitness workouts. From box-jumps to double-unders, this shoe is a definitive overachiever. It is very flexible so your movement is not stifled. A winning trait is its ability to deliver firm and responsive rides.


It is not afraid to take any knocks so there’s no need to tread lightly. Your feet will definitely receive ample protection. It has cushioning and your feet are also protected when climbing rope as it has Rope-Tec protection.


You will find the shoe supremely comfortable. It offers you great support, and fits snugly around the arches and contours of the feet. An added plus is that its wide forefoot delivers a much better fit for those who like to splay their toes while working out. A precise fit is going to minimise internal shifting when contouring, descending or ascending.


The sole has a zero drop so it promotes a more natural style of running and good running form. It also retains soft initial contact when the foot hits the ground through its minimalist injected EVA midsole.


You can work out on slick surfaces with confidence because it has been developed using rock climbing technology, so traction has been enhanced.


On the whole, the inov-8 F-LITE 219 is a highly efficient natural running /training shoe.It is not only a functional shoe – it is also very stylish. Finding a better shoe for functional fitness training is going to be a tough task. It is available at select stores or online here.

What shoe do you train functional fitness in?

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