inov-8 F-LITE 170 Review

With the recent boom in functional fitness training in various parts of the world (including South Africa), more and more people – even children – are reaping the benefits. If your kids already use this effective style of training, you can pat yourself on the back for empowering them. The next step is to get them the right shoes for training purposes – we’re talking about the inov-8 F-LITE 170.

inov-8 f-lite 170

These little guys are smaller versions of the highly touted and immensely popular F-LITE 195. They are the perfect shoes for your young ones to learn various movements and improve on different attributes.

The soles are coated with a sticky substance so they have greater traction and fantastic grip. The soles have been developed using rock-climbing technology for optimal grip, even on slick surfaces. The F-LITE 170 also restricts internal movement whether you are contouring, ascending or descending. Since children are still developing their sense of balance and can be prone to falling down, great stability is a must!

As these are minimalist shoes, they will encourage your child to exhibit better running form. They prompt a responsive ride, which in turn gives the child the confidence to train. Their soles have a 3 mm drop, providing a stable platform to perform lifting movements.

The shoe features the Rope-Tec system, which provides great protection against chafing and friction burns for kids. They are also very tough shoes, which will definitely come in handy when your little one is running around kicking hard surfaces accidentally or intentionally.

From running to functional fitness training, the inov-8 F-LITE 170 is a definitive winner, which your kids are going to love. They are available in sizes one to four (UK sizing) and can be bought at select stores or online here.

If your child trains functional fitness, what sort of shoe does he or she work out in?

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