inov-8 Evoskin Review

If you’re looking for a ‘shoe’ which offers the most natural feel to barefoot training, then the inov-8 Evoskin is possibly the best thing to come your way. We review the Evoskin to see what it is all about and how it’ll best suit you…

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The Evoskin allows you to connect with the earth and experience a freedom normally the reserve of barefoot purists. The idea is that it acts like a second skin, protecting the foot, but still allowing you to feel the motion of training or running.

Ideal as a training tool to strengthen the foot, the Evoskin is a glove-like fit of silicone around the foot and individual toes. Although they are not meant to fully protect your foot from potential injury, like running on terrain with objects which could puncture through the soft silicone and your skin, they are meant to offer a level of protection and comfort far better than unprotected feet.

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The Evoskin is naturally sticky and malleable; the silicon provides gecko-like grip on rough and hard surfaces. They are the perfect shoe for water sports, treadmill workouts and barefoot training sessions.

The built-in heel pull-tab enables the Evoskin to be fitted and removed with ease, while the internal textured pattern helps to hold the foot securely and prevent internal movement.

If you’re looking for a natural feel alternative, especially great for pre- and post-race, then give the Evoskin a try.

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