inov-8 BARE-X 200 Review

Any runner worth their salt would know by now about just how important it is to own a good pair of running shoes. The inov-8 BARE-X 200 is not a good running shoe – it is a phenomenal running shoe that was hatched with the intention of helping the runner get to that next level.

inov-8 BARE-X 200

inov-8 BARE-X 200 Overview


At just 200g these shoes are very light in terms of weight. The lightesque feel lets you run with less restriction, and prompts a more natural feel.


It has an all-white look that will look great with running shorts, a track pants or even jeans. The white mesh on white rubber design works, prompting a classic yet stylish design. A very nice touch is the depiction of foot bones on the soles.


The inov-8 BARE-X 200 is supremely flexible without compromising its toughness. It passes the unofficial minimalist shoes test of it being able to roll up. The forefoot is the most flexible, however the rest of the shoe still enjoys its fair share of flexibility.


The sole is definitely a key feature of the inov-8 BARE-X 200. A zero differential and the absence of a  midsole keeps the foot as close to the ground as possible. It promotes a more natural style of running and it encourages you to utilise good running form.


They are versatile to the nth degree. Whether you want to use them for road running, trail running, Olympic weightlifting or even CrossFit – feel free to do so. It is highly adaptable and will give you supreme performance. They are very comfortable and you can run without succumbing to abrasions. A generous toebox provides added comfort and the upper is very breathable.


The Met-Crade TPU lacing offers an intimate fit and reduces slippage. Once tied, the shoe stays very snug and you will not experience unnecessary shifting. The fit is constant even in high-pressure situations. The tight lacing system makes allowance for a glove-like fit – ideal for speed work or racing.


Run freely without worrying about the knocks that the road or trail may hand out – these bad boys are not shy to handle a few bumps. They are tough as nails – granted.


The sole contains rock climbing rubber technology so that you can utilise favoured traction levels. Confidently run, jump or lift in the inov-8 BARE-X 200 with the comfort of knowing that you have the required traction.

What traits listed here, appeal to you the most? What shoes do you run or train functional fitness in?

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  1. Phillip Gibb says:

    The flexibility appeals to me most.
    Currently I gym with Inov-8 f-lite 195 (need to find a replacement soon)
    Run on the road with Inov-8 Road-X 233
    Trail run with Salomon Sense Ultra

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