How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue

After reading our piece on what is adrenal fatigue, you should have a good inkling on the disastrous effects that this dreadful condition can have on a person. As we previously mentioned, it occurs as a result of the malfunction of the adrenal glands, however, if you have succumbed to this condition, there is no need to allow it to ravage your life anymore. You will now understand how to treat adrenal fatigue and take back your life.

How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue

Stress Less

When you are plagued with chronic stress, you are very susceptible to succumbing to adrenal fatigue because the adrenal glands cannot efficiently handle the stress overload.

Make a conscious effort to try to handle your stress in a more efficient manner. Every day, make a concerted effort to have a bit of “me-time.” Time permitting, do things that make you feel good, whether it is going out to the movies, laughing with friends or listening to a favourite CD.

Avoid people who tend to lure you into stressful situations and steer clear from those who breed negativity. Take the time to trawl the internet and research on stress management.

Get Enough Sleep

Resist the urge to have regular late nights. For a person working regular shifts, at night your cortisol levels will increase to help you fall asleep. If this becomes habitual, your cortisol levels will be effected which in turn stresses the adrenal glands.

Especially if you participate in sports or have a demanding job, you need to ensure you are getting between eight and nine hours of sleep per day. Rest is vital for your body to not be overloaded with added stress. Try to sleep by no later than 10:30pm each day.

Be Wary of Overtraining

It is common knowledge that exercising is very good for health and well-being, however you need to be very careful to not overtrain. By putting extra strain on the body, you could do more damage to already-depleted adrenal glands. Sometimes listen to your body, the aches and fatigue could be its way of telling you to slow down.

Until you have your condition under control, it would be a good idea to tone down on the intensity so that you can give your adrenal glands sufficient time to rehabilitate. If you train in a high-intensity sport like CrossFit, speak to your coach so that he can give you a WOD that will be more in line with your health needs. Read this great feature on overtraining dangers for an in-depth look into this point.

As you begin to recover, and you are feeling stronger, gradually increase the intensity and make more time for recovery periods.

Clean Up Your Diet

Avoid stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine as they further stress the adrenal glands as well as related symptoms in some cases. Also avoid foods that are processed or refined as well contain a lot of sugar. Refined foods will cause a spike in blood sugar levels, then a surge in insulin depletes the blood sugar levels. The adrenal glands then have to provide more cortisol so that the blood sugar levels can be restored. This dietary habit affects the endocrine system – especially the adrenal glands and pancreas.

Rather opt for more natural foods. Eat more fresh vegetables, as you would probably know, uncooked vegetable is best as it still has all of its nutrients.  Make sure you get enough quality protein and fat (check out why fat is good for you for information on good fats).

This is to ensure that your blood sugar has been stabilised until the next meal has been consumed. Adequate protein and good fats even out your energy levels and will decrease stress being inflicted on the adrenals.

In this regard, the Paleo Diet could be very beneficial as it steers clear from refined sugars and processed foods. It encourages consumption of certain fresh vegetable and fruit, proteins and good fats.

Take up Yoga

Yoga could also help you restore your adrenal glands. It is an extremely soothing practice and is a powerful de-stressing method when executed properly. Yoga is also useful for alleviating symptoms that are associated with adrenal fatigue and it will assist with the balance of releasing hormones.

There are various asanas that can bring about balance in the endocrine system with regular practice. However, seek out a reputable instructor and ask him to advise you accordingly as there are various types of yogas.


While it definitely is a good idea to visit a good endocrinologist for an expert opinion, the areas highlighted in this article can definitely make a positive impact on you and your condition. Make these lifestyle changes for a healthier you.


Do you stress a lot, sleep late or overtrain? What lifestyle habit/s do you need to amend?

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  1. Seagyn says:

    Great article and I think I definitely suffer from adrenal fatigue. I’m going to try out these “treatments” and see if it helps me out.

    Just a question, what would you suggestions be if you find yourself being busy until 10pm and find yourself up at 5am to train? Would you suggest pushing your training time until later?

    • The best advice is to consult with an endocrinologist. The “treatments” recommended are a great start to combating this common problem though. Hopefully this helps you out, Seagyn!

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