How to Perform a Pistol Squat

There is good reason why so many athletes who subscribe to the notion of functional fitness training, incorporate pistol squats into their training regimes. Its benefits are immense and it is considered by many to be the king of lower-body exercises. Let us show you how to perform a pistol squat…

How to Perform a Pistol Squat

Step One

From a standing position, look straight ahead and extend your arms directly in front of your body (perpendicular to your torso). Your extended arms will allow you to counterbalance at the bottom of the squat.

Step Two

Raise one foot off the ground, keeping that leg extended as much as possible and directly in front of you. Sometimes what can help is to grab a hold of your extended foot with the same sided hand – this can also help force you to lean more forward, helping with the counter balance.

Step Three

The same process as a normal squat; push your hips backwards to start, drive your squatting leg a little wide, and slowly descend into a squat, as if you were about to sit on a chair. Keep your arms extended in front of you, even slightly over your squatting leg, to maintain balance and to avoid rolling over onto your butt at the bottom.

Step Four

Keep squatting until your hamstring touches your calf – the premise is to have your hip-line pass your knee. During faster or multiple reps you might use the rebound at the bottom of the squat to give you momentum coming up and out of the squat, but don’t reply on this – a slow controlled squat is a better squat. At the bottom of the squat. your heel of the extended leg should still be about an inch or more off the ground and in front of you (possibly a little off to the side).

Step Five

From the bottom of the squat position, start by raising your hips first. Getting your butt up first will help you get to a standing position, and it’s a lot easier (and correct form) – think of it almost as if you touched your toes while standing on one leg. From that bent over position, extend your torso and stand upright. You can then put your extended leg on the ground and repeat on the opposite leg.

Can you perform a pistol squat? How many repetitions can you perform unbroken?

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