How to Make Your Training Shoes Last Longer

Whether you use your shoes for everyday use, training purposes, or even as a fashion statement, make sure you are taking proper care of them. Especially if you are the type to punish your shoes, follow these pointers on how to make your training shoes last longer and get more mileage out of them.

How to Make Your Training Shoes Last Longer

Tips On How to Make Your Training Shoes Last Longer

Put them on and remove them with care

When you are in a hurry or perhaps in a lazy mood, many are prone to slipping them on or taking them off as if they are removing mules or slippers. This is a terrible habit as it destroys the shape and compromises shoe support. Make the effort to untie your shoe laces before you are remove them.

Wear the right type of socks

When you wear socks that are too thin and do not prevent your feet from perpetually chaffing against your shoes, it can cause uneven wear of your shoes. Try out socks with varying thickness until you find the right pair that minimises chaffing.

Clean them regularly

Regular cleaning ensures that small particles do not go undetected. These particles can cause abrasions on the shoe as well as the foot, if not removed. Some shoes can be washed in a washing machine; inov-8 shoes for example are so lightweight, flexible and durable that they are perfect for a machine-wash. In fact, just remove the innersoles and you can throw them in, laces and innersoles included.

Properly dry your shoes after cleaning them

If your shoes get wet, don’t dry them with direct heat, like placing them next to a heater. Sometimes heat can damage the materials in your shoe. A good way to dry them is to first loosen the laces, and remove the innersoles and allow them to dry naturally. To speed up the drying process, stuff your shoes with crumpled newspaper. Again, inov-8 shoes are a great shoe that dry super quick.

Alternate pairs

As obvious as this may seem, this point is often overlooked. Alternate pairs to get more mileage out of your shoes. This is a good idea, especially if they are used for training. They will take less strain and will also have time to breathe in between wearing them.

Keep pairs separate and organised

Do not keep your shoes jumbled at the bottom of your cupboard or underneath your bed as they can get damaged by rubbing and chaffing against each other. Either get a shoe cubby or keep them in individual boxes. This will also help them maintain their shape.


Considering the fact that most of us lead such fast-paced lives, it’s very easy for us to neglect our training shoes. Make use of these tips on how to make your training shoes last longer and extend their longevity.

What other methods have you used to prolong the life of your training shoes? Share your advice on how to make your training shoes last longer with us.

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  1. TeeC says:

    I’d suggest simply using Bicarbonate of Soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) as the ‘detergent’ and if you need to remove germs/foot odour use a disinfecting laundry rinse product in the rinse cycle according to directions.

    Only use cold water or warm water, never use water temperatures above 40C (104F).
    Do not use bleach based products.

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