How to Increase your Running Speed

Amongst your running goals, improving your running speed should be right up there. Truth be told if you put enough effort into your training and just as importantly if you train smart, you will run significantly faster. Apart from the obvious such as training sprints, there are some great methods that can help you to eventually run faster. Follow these tips and discover how to increase your running speed.


Keep a Running Log

As we mentioned in How to Track Your Running Progress,  a running log is going to  give you a clear indication about where you have started off and where you are heading to. This may seem as a rudimentary point but surprisingly many people fail to keep a running log. Making use of a running log is going to give you a comprehensive depiction of your running progress and having a goal to work towards will also aid you.

Start High-Intensity Interval Training

You can pick up your speed by also engaging in High-Intensity Interval Training which is also sometimes referred to as HIIT. It makes your cardiovascular system gets stronger and pushes more oxygen-rich blood through your body which will ultimately help you run faster. For more on HIIT, check out High-Intensity Interval Training for Running.

Lean Slightly Forward

Yes this sounds a bit elementary but who hasn’t found themselves leaning back when running at some point or the other or even habitually. Leaning slightly forward is going to improve your running speed and aid your running ability. This may appear to be a little silly but run as if you are chasing your nose.

Focus on Form

Exhibiting proper running form has immense benefits and will also translate into improved running speed. Showcasing good running form will allow you to expend less energy which will help you run faster.

Run on Varied Terrain

While it is good to do road running, don’t get into a comfort zone. Mix up the terrain that you train on so that you will not get too comfortable by running on flat, straight terrain. It is going to help strengthen the muscles that count at a faster rate. Varying elevations and terrains is going to challenge those different muscle groups.

Strengthen your Core

A strong core will not only decrease your chance of injury but it will also help you to run faster. The stronger your core, the more solid you will be when your foot hits the ground (you should have a forefoot strike). This will help you become a more economical and faster runner. Exercises such as “planks” are great for core strength.

Get Flexible

An increase in muscle flexibility is going to help you run faster, as it increases your range of motion, gives you a stronger stride and it also decreases your chances of picking up running injuries. An excellent way to improve your flexibility is to start yoga lessons.


What other methods do you know off that can improve your running speed?




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