How to Increase Your Running Mileage

Trying to increase your mileage is a challenge that many runners face. If you do not do it the right way, you could find yourself progressing very slowly or you could potentially injure yourself. Rather be sensible and follow these effective tips on how to increase your running mileage.


Set Realistic Goals

After setting realistic goals, you can track your running progress. Operative word being realistic. Do not try to do something that will leave you out of your depth. The more you run, the better you will understand your body and its capabilities.

Add Strength Training to your Training Regime

Do not think that running on its own is sufficient. You also need to implement strength training to your training regime. As training enables your body to handle the stress load of running more efficiently, your muscles will perform for a longer time before hitting the point of fatigue. You’ll be able to run further.

Get in the Zone

Sometimes you can actually run further than you think but your running mileage suffers because you’re not mentally prepared. Often this can be fixed with a mind-over-matter approach. Try to get yourself psyched up before your run. Inundate your mind with positive thoughts. Another great tip is to use a music player while running. Load a playlist filled with songs that psych you up – you will be surprised at how it will give you an extra push.

Run with Good Running Partners

Run with other runners who show good training etiquette. If you run with somebody who is going to show poor work ethic, that sort of behaviour will rub off on to you. A good running partner is going to motivate and push you.

When You can, Chat to your Running Partners

Apart from motivation, a running partner can help get your mind off the difficulty of the run. You should run at a conversational pace (as mentioned in How to Breathe When Running), so you can chat to your running partners.The distraction of conversation will help you immensely.

Eat Healthily

To go the extra mile, you have to fuel your body with the right type of food. Receiving the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients will complement your endurance. Stay clear of junk food, which depletes energy reserves. Also ensure that you are efficiently hydrated.

Walk When Necessary

Don’t feel bad if you have to walk at times. When you are increasing running mileage, walking is going to be inevitable. Try using some interval sessions where you walk for a certain time and run for a period. Rest assured, the more consistent you are, the more your running time will increase while your walking time will decrease.

Do you know of any other tips that will help with increasing running mileage?

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