How to Build Running Endurance

When it comes to running, no matter which way that you look at it, running endurance is a quintessential game changer. Follow these pointers on how to build running endurance and take your running ability to a whole new level.

How to Build Running Endurance

Exhibit Proper Form

As we mentioned in Form Matters. Work on it!, utilising proper running form is going to increase your efficiency as a runner.  If you are displaying poor running form, you will have to soon stop due to aches and pains that have emerged from incorrect running technique.

Throw in High Intensity Interval Training

This type of training is going to push you to the max and broaden your endurance threshold as it works both works both the aerobic and the anaerobic system. It is a measured way of training that will help the athlete to not burn-out. Check out this infographic on High Intensity Interval Training.

Run More

This is a bit obvious but it is still a valuable pointer, after all, practice makes perfect. Try to put in as much running sessions as you can, but ensure that you are getting enough rest, even if it’s active recovery, to help your body to recover.

Run  Uphill

Running uphill is unforgiving on your legs and is a lung-blaster of note.  It not only ups your lung capacity but it also will give you serious leg and core strength. When you are at the gym, increase the incline on the treadmill to simulate the same scenario.


Cross-training is fantastic for runners as it presents to them many benefits. It will work those muscles that are not particularly utilised during running so your muscle groups are balanced out. It increases your lung capacity and will give you skills to compliment your running ability.

Change Your Routine

Hitting that 6km daily run is great, but after a while it becomes redundant. The body soon gets conditioned to the routine. For superior running conditioning, you need to constantly change your routine. In this manner, the workout is intensified and you shock the body which translates into better running conditioning.

Do Relevant Compound Exercises

Rather train compound exercises that utilises multi-joint movements (e.g. step-ups or squats). Isolation exercises will not stimulate the body enough to build on endurance. Compound exercises will also improve your running efficiency.

Start Pool Running

Pool running is a sure-fire way to bump up your running endurance as it is completely running specific with added resistance. Running in a swimming pool is a heck of a workout and it directly increases your running endurance.

Track your Workouts

Learn how to track your running progress so that you will have a good inkling on whether or not you are improving in terms of endurance as well as other running attributes. Keeping a record of your running stats gives you a goal to work towards. It is a quantified approach to improve your running endurance.

Do you utilise any of these methods to improve your running endurance? What other methods of improving your running endurance are worth mentioning?

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  1. Phillip Gibb says:

    Cross Training and hill climbing up table mountain.
    Cross Training as in Long Gym sessions and a cardio session broken into different sessions to last 2 hrs while keeping it interesting; Cycle to Gym, Treadmill/Elliptical, Spinning, Treadmill/Elliptical.

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