How to Breathe When Running

While good running form is essential, proper breathing while running is just as important to having good efficiency as a runner. Using the correct breathing technique while running is going to give you that extra push to run further and harder. Knowing how to breathe when running will step up your running game.

how to breathe when running

Relax the Facial Muscles

When running, make sure that you relax your facial muscles. If your facial muscles are tense, you will limit your oxygen intake.

Keep your Mouth Open

You should keep your lips parted and your mouth open while letting your jaw drop slightly.

Breathe From your Belly

Ensure that you are breathing from your belly and not from your chest. Make a concerted effort to move your belly in synch with each breath that you take. If you don’t do this, you are limiting your oxygen intake.

Breathe in Through your Nose and Mouth

Many people think that you should just breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. That is incorrect as you need to breathe in and out through both your nose and mouth. The nose will not deliver sufficient oxygen on its own.

Take Longer Breaths

To ensure that you are taking in as much oxygen as possible, take in longer deep breaths.

Develop a Breathing Pattern

You need to find a way to sync your breathing with your footsteps. Find some sort of rhythm. For example, take in a breath every time you take a step with your left foot, and exhale every time you take a step with the other foot.


To establish if you are utilising efficient breathing while running, you should be able to say full sentences effortlessly while running, without having to gasp for air. This is sometimes known as a conversational pace.

Do you utilise any of these tips mentioned? If so, which ones?

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