How Omega-3 Benefits Athletes

Most athletes compete because they want to be the best that they can be in a particular discipline. While training and dedication is required to do this, you could also benefit immensely by consuming the correct amount of omega-3. It’s time to understand how omega-3 benefits athletes.


Strengthens Immune System and Protects From Ailments

As an athlete, there is nothing worse than having to skip training because you are sick. Omega-3 fatty acids help avoid this by strengthening your immune system. It also reduces inflammation (check out these inflammation fighting foods), heart disease, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Enhances Lung Performance

Omega-3 enhances your lung capabilities by improving blood flow and oxygen delivery, which is essential to push through a workout. This is especially important for athletes who partake in high intensity training.

Helps You Get In Shape

By increasing your omega-3 intake, you will improve your insulin sensitivity which in turn aids the fat burning process. It also regulates muscle growth and slows the loss of muscle which is beneficial to athletes who are taking a break from training or recovering from an injury.

Omega-3 Aids Recovery

As mentioned earlier, omega-3 assists with reducing inflammation. This will help you recover faster as inflammation can counteract the positive metabolic effects that one receives from exercising and hinder tissue repair.

Alleviates Muscle Soreness

Exercise induced muscle soreness can often be very unforgiving on the body post-workout. By consuming omega-3, the blood flow to your muscles during workouts will improve, which curbs muscle soreness by up to 35% and reduces swelling.


The bottom line is Omega-3 benefits athletes and pretty much everybody. It is important for your body whether you’re a serious athlete or not. However, it is essential for athletes because of the immense benefits which directly impact them. Athletes should consider investing in a good omega-3 supplement like PurePharma O3 Fish Oil.


What is your omega-3 source?

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