How CrossFit Can Benefit Runners

While CrossFit is nowhere near as popular as running, its popularity is growing at a rapid rate. Both forms of working out have their place within the fitness world and present their own challenges, benefits and end results. But if you want to step up your game as a runner, start CrossFit training. We explore the notion of how CrossFit can benefit runners .

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A point to consider is that runners often get strong legs and become strong in a particular movement pattern. However, this could potentially cause an imbalance in the body as a result of you mostly using your legs in a repetitive linear movement. By just running you could potentially hit a workout plateau.

Keeping this in mind, we look at the benefits of CrossFit. With a methodology based on the principle of varied, high intensity, functional movement, CrossFit does not allow the body to gets accustomed to a particular workout. No workout is ever repeated and includes elements of weightlifting and gymnastics.

CrossFit will not just work one particular muscle group but your entire body so that your functional strength and fitness balances out. By strengthening your entire body, it assists to make you a better runner.

You’re probably asking yourself how exactly CrossFit translates into you becoming a better runner. Firstly, they do wonders for your fast twitch muscles – essential for sprints. And secondly, they work your slow twitch muscles which are used for long distance running.

When you work your entire body, you will reduce your overall body fat which in turn will help you become a more efficient runner and improve your endurance and speed. This will have a snowball effect that will enable you to exhibit better running form due to your improved running efficiency.

CrossFit movements are technical and require nurtured skill. They stimulate your co-ordination, motor control and improve your shoulder, hip and knee mechanics which can be useful for a runner.

Runners that get bored with repetitive workouts will love CrossFit as it adds something new to every workout and will improve their running skills. It will also push you like you have never been pushed before and help you break past your own personal barriers.

While there is a significant learning curve when it comes to CrossFit, they are skills that can be learnt with the right attitude and dedication. Visit your local gym today to sign up for CrossFit training and see how your running skills improve.

Have you ever trained CrossFit to supplement your running training? What were the results?

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