High Speed Double-Under Jump Rope Review

We previously reviewed the Enduromax Jump Rope 2.0 – a jump rope suited for those looking for a performance rope with a light shorter handle. Now we’re taking a look at the High Speed Double-Under Jump Rope – a rope which offers the same performance but with a longer handle for comfort. High Speed Double-Under Jump Rope (2) Regular jump rope training does wonders for your coordination, balance and overall fitness. Adding more skilled work, like double-unders and even triple-unders, pushes those limits even further, and coupled with other movements prove to push you to the edge of your comfort zone. This High Speed Double-Under Jump Rope is a premium quality skipping rope, best for those looking for a lightweight, high-performance product. It is a free-spinning, easy grip skipping rope, perfect for athletes that want longer handle grips. The grips are 16cm long and offer the kind of performance needed for speed skipping. JR00EBK JR000ERD JR00AL The ergonomically designed lightweight plastic handles are made specifically for grip, comfort and control. The high-speed ball bearing handles, which makes it spin super smoothly, make them one of the best spinning jump ropes available! Another huge benefit is that where many jump ropes succumb to kinking and coiling, this jump rope fixes that problem with the inclusion of a vinyl-coated anti-coil cable. Finally, the thumb screws at each end of the cable allows you to easily and quickly adjust the length to suit your height and requirements. These are a great high quality product and if you are interested in buying them, go online here to orders your now.

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