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A GHD Machine (Glute Hamstring Developer), which is also known as a Roman Chair, is one of the best pieces of equipment to help develop midline stability, core strength, abdominal strength, and to build up the hamstrings and gluteus. In this feature we take a closer look at one of the best built GHD Machines available, and it’s from REBEL Elite Fitness.

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When used correctly, the glute-ham developer sit-up is quite easily the most effective abdominal and core strengthening workout you can do. It promotes the correct use of your hip flexors, which are meant to work in collaboration with the abdominal muscles during this workout, assuring stronger abs. The importance of stronger abs gives you a stronger midline stabilization, which affects all movements, especially those found in functional fitness.

Talking about proper use of the GHD Machine, we have a great article on how to use the GHD Machine for sit-ups. Read it to understand how to use a GHD Machine correctly.

More on the equipment itself, in any functional fitness, strength and conditioning or CrossFit gym, a GHD Machine should form part of the equipment required to offer its members all they require. It’s a must-have piece of equipment, even if there’s only one (which is often the case), especially because its geared at higher level athletes to improve core strength like nothing else, and it’s also great to help improve core strength and stability in lower level athletes who can use it to properly build up strength for other baseline movements.

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The GHD Machine from REBEL Elite Fitness is a class-leading, stable, sturdy and valuable piece of equipment. The frame is robust and is very well built, offering a solid foundation to work off of. It shows its quality when used for high repetitions and with an athlete moving at pace, where other GHD Machines wobble and are unsteady, this one sits firm and offers great comfort. Its twin-pad foot-holders are adjustable, allowing you to shift the distance from the seat-rest, as well as allowing you to change the height from the frame, making it suitable for athletes of varying heights. The padded foot-holders and seat-rest ensure maximum comfort, making workouts easier to focus on.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these GHD Machine, have a look online here to read up more and to order.

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