Gear Review – The Best Speed Jump Rope You Could Buy

With fitness training, your fitness gear or equipment quality plays an integral part in what you’ll get out of it. We take a close look at the REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope, which is perfect for all functional fitness or CrossFit enthusiasts.

REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope

Firstly, if you’re not sure about what exactly a speed rope is for, here’s a breakdown…

Regular jump rope or skipping requires you to jump with the rope passing under your feet once. In more advanced skipping (you see many variations) you see the prevalent and challenging “double-unders”. Double-unders require the rope to pass under your feet twice before landing. If you use a typical leather, rubber or cloth skipping rope, they are heavy and cumbersome when trying to maintain a high quantity of unbroken, consecutive repetitions of double-unders. With a speed rope, like the REBEL Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope, it uses lightweight manageable components, facilitating that high quantity of unbroken, consecutive repetitions.

We review the REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope, which is certainly one of the best quality and best of all, price conscience speed ropes on the market.

REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope Specifics:

Lightweight Flexible Cable
This speed rope features a lightweight highly flexible Stainless Steel tangle free flexible wire cable. Its flexibility is first-rate, compared to some more rigid equivalents, because it allows for a more natural flow during the rotation. That flexibility also means it won’t hold a coiled shape after storing it in that shape.

Lightweight Handles
This speed rope also has lightweight, perfect length handles fitted with new innovative, fully adjustable speed handles with pivoting shaft. Again, its lightweight nature factors in, especially when doing high repetitions – the idea is to have it feel natural in your hands, and not overbearing or cumbersome. They fit snugly in the palm of your hand and have a good grip on them.

Bearing Handles
The cable is attached to the handles with an innovative, high-speed bearing attachment. This innovative mechanism allows the rope to spin efficiently and super quickly, with minimal or no wear and tear on the cable or handles. This also allows you to have a firm hold on the handles without friction from the cables “towing” on them.

Cable length is also important. They are fully adjustable which allows you to set and reset the length until you are 100% happy with it. Once set to your preferred length, they won’t move either; they have a screw which you tighten to set it.

Here’s the best part… the REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope comes at a great price. You are looking at paying R188.10 – that price also includes a neat holder for it. Try beating that price for a quality speed rope!

Ordering Them
If you want to become a double-unders master, we suggest ordering these ASAP! You can order your REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope directly from REBEL Elite Fitness by visiting, emailing or calling them on (011) 663 2700.


Do you use a speed rope as opposed to a standard skipping/jump rope? Would you recommend buying one, or even better, recommend buying the REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope?

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