Gear Review – REBEL Gymnastic Rings

Training methods, techniques and various skills are often evolving in CrossFit and functional fitness in general, and so should you (and your gym) to stay relevant. Gymnastic rings play an integral role in this evolution and in mastering various skill sets; from ring-rows to the almighty muscle-ups, they offer almost unlimited possibilities for training. So, it is important you get quality gymnastic rings then…

Gymnastic Rings

We take a look at the REBEL Gymnastic Rings, which will facilitate these unlimited possibilities, while offering a high-quality product which has been meticulously crafted to hold up superbly for low and high intensity requirements.

The REBEL Gymnastic Rings are immensely sturdy and offer great grip, offering you the confidence needed in your equipment. They have adjustable straps with buckles, which can be fixed to wherever you see fit, and once secured they won’t budge. They are very strong and will easily hold your body weight.

REBEL Gymnastic Rings

REBEL has two great options to choose from: their REBEL Gymnastic Plastic Rings and their classic REBEL Gymnastic Wooden Rings. The REBEL Gymnastic Plastic Rings are a great product – they are strong, offer good grip, are perfect for outside use (so fare well against the elements) and they will last you a long time. The REBEL Gymnastic Wooden Rings are a classic product which are also very strong, come with measured and marked straps, and they will offer a superior grip, while also lasting you a long time.

Overall, the REBEL Gymnastic Rings are a great product and they excel in every relevant department. Whether you own a home gym or your own box, these rings are necessary for you to include among your functional fitness equipment. If you haven’t already, contact REBEL Elite Fitness and get yourself quality gymnastic rings.

Do you include gymnastic rings in your programming and workouts? What is your favourite exercise to do on them?

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