Gear Review – inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 178

Too many running shoes have negative traits (promoting heel striking, offering little protection, etc.) that hinder your running performance. Lightweight and minimalist is the way to go. An exceptional minimalist running and racing shoe worth checking out is the inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 178…

inov-8 ROAD-X-TREME 178

Who should use it?

After giving these great running shoes a try, it will be evident that these are everything you have been looking for and more. It meshes well with the runner, especially if he has an advanced natural running style. If you are fond of running without socks, this is certainly the shoe for you – the seamless, tongueless inner makes it perfect for sockless running.


Although they feel like you are running with very little, the performance that it pronounces is extremely praiseworthy. It actually is highly shock absorbent, so expect it to roll with the punches and be hard on the road and yet soft on you. It is a very fast shoe, so if you are the type of runner who enjoys leaving your running partners in hindsight, this is the shoe to go with. It is also a tough and durable shoe that offers superior protection for your feet.


Its extreme minimalist nature prompts a smooth, unhindered run. As a result it could get you to a faster speed – perfect for training and even better for competition.


Since they are they are light as a feather, it does not promote swelling and bruising of the feet as they will not weigh you down, unlike the bulkier variety. Your feet receive enough air because of the very breathable upper. A generous toe-box will make it a joy to run in for the habitual toe splayer. While it has minimal cushioning, it still is highly effective and makes wearing the ROAD-X-TREME 178 or running in them pain-free.


It is unlikely that you will succumb to slipping and sliding because of its high performing outsole. The rubber outsole delivers superb traction, so expect a brilliant handling. By running in the ROAD-X-TREME 178, you will realise that it is a high-grip shoe. It is an inov-8 1-arrow shoe with a 3mm differential between the forefoot and heel.


When it comes to running shoes, please don’t ever short-change yourself and for one second think that any running shoe will do… the ROAD-X-TREME 178 is a truly work of genius and a brilliant running shoe that will exceed your expectations.

What do you look for in a running shoe? Which of these features listed in this article appeals the most to you?

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