Gear Review – inov-8 F-LITE 232 – Running and Functional Fitness Shoe

With so many running shoes and on the market that do not live up to the hype, as well as a massive want for good CrossFit shoes, it is quite easy to get despondent or stumped on what to buy.

Naturally then, we were very thrilled when we tried out the inov-8 F-LITE 232 – these shoes exceeded our expectations and then some. Any shoe that does exactly what it claims to be capable of and more is a more than just okay with us. These shoes embody the benefits of minimalist footwear.

Inov-8 F-LITE 232


The internal cushioning makes it perfect for high-impact situations. It has a wide forefoot which definitely prompts a superior fit whether you have wider feet or even if you have the tendency to splay your toes during running or functional fitness.

Its anatomic fit enables your toes to adapt to the ground and the back of the heel also has excellent support.


The inov-8 F-LITE 232 is highly deceptive. For a shoe that is so lightweight it certainly is as tough as it comes. Durable to the nth degree, they afford your feet the necessary protection. Its EVA midsole has Rope-Tec protection running throughout it.

It also reduces injuries as a result of it reducing the impact on your feet, ankles and subsequently even your knees.


Working out in these bad boys will soon give you an inkling that a lot of effort has been put into the area of its traction capabilities. The outersole will not let you down even during that high endurance run or testing WoD. It is made out of a very sticky rubber so it still maintains grip – even on sweaty slick surfaces, which is common in functional fitness environments.

The outersole also increases friction, perfect if you are prone to slipping or have bad balance. The sole was developed using rock climbing rubber so that it will hold up even in wet conditions.


You can assure yourself that you can maximize your workout with the F-LITE 232. A large contact area sole will give you the extra confidence to make it through those grueling training sessions. Meta-Flex keeps the sole flexible with a high contact area for that added stability.

Lightweight in nature, they will not slow you down during a run and are ideal for those with a natural running style. A zero drop in the sole ensures your feet sit closer to the ground, which is most useful for overhead movement (as found in many functional fitness exercises). Whether you are ascending or descending, the Met-Cradle lacing system will make sure that your feet do not come out of place and that they are nice and secure. The lightweight breathable mesh makes them a pleasure to run in.


Apart from being a very practical and high performing shoe, the inov-8 F-LITE 232 is has a very funky look that is an added bonus for the avid trend hunter and they also look very cool with casual clothes. A vibrant mix of bright colours gives this shoe immense aesthetic appeal.


Clearly, inov-8 has outdone themselves with the release of the overachieving F-LITE 232. Take these sneaks for a spin and rest assured, we will be preaching to the converted.


What do you think of the look and review on the inov-8 F-LITE 232? What is the main thing that you look for in a running or functional fitness shoe?

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