Gear Review – inov-8 F-LITE 185

Women are delicate creatures and when it comes to those who are runners and CrossFit athletes’ their feet take a pounding. Their feet are not the same as men’s, so naturally their running shoes should differ. Inov-8 was smart enough to recognise this point and have created the F-LITE 185 which is a female-specific fit.

inov-8 F-LITE 185


Running in them are a pleasure. The female-specific fit ensures that these shoes will fit according to the shape of your foot and hug it in all the right places. It is also a performance fit, which means that comfort will still be a constant, even during high impact situations. There is a contoured and slightly padded tongue and collar which prompts enhanced comfort.


Its breathable fabric lining prompts a refreshing in-shoe feel. The performance upper does not chaff against your skin and has been fashioned from fast drying mesh which is superb for breathability. This feature is especially important when you have been training or working out in them for a while.


The inov-8 F-LITE 185 is one of those shoes that upon running in them, you wonder how on earth you managed to train in anything else. It is minimalist to the bone and great for those who have developed a natural running style.

It is actually a very unique and versatile shoe and is not only meant to be used for running. It is also fantastic for functional fitness, like CrossFit. The inclusion of reinforced medial and lateral sections will even enhance protection for climbing ropes.

Minimises Injuries

Firstly, because it is a supreme example of a minimalist shoe, it will encourage you to implement good running technique (and yes, form matters, so work on it). It has a large contact area so it absorbs shocks and bumps efficiently – applicable to both running and functional fitness sports such as CrossFit.


Its large contact area sole has also been designed so that it renders great grip and stability for when you are working out. The sole has a 3mm differential and it has been crafted from rock climbing technology rubber to enhance grip for optimal stability even under wet conditions.


Ladies, you need a high performing shoe that is going to aid, rather than hinder you while you are working out. The inov-8 F-LITE 185 is a must if you want to be the best athlete that you can be. You can also have a look at the all-new range of women’s inov-8 road running shoes.

Which traits of the F-LITE 185 that are mentioned, appeals the most to you? What is the main thing that you look for in a running shoe?

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  1. Tosca says:

    I am really into this shoe!,I’ve never heard about this shoe/brand before. Looks cool 😀 and supportive. Got to save up now :).

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