Gear Review – inov-8 DEBRIS GAITER 32

We previously reviewed the brilliant inov-8 RACE ELITE 25, a super-efficient volume pack and now inov-8 brings to you yet another ingenious running accessory, the inov-8 DEBRIS GAITER 32, which could make your run a whole lot more comfortable.


Sports such as trail running and obstacle races can be extremely thrilling yet demanding. The worse thing is when you are enjoying a run and your trail running shoe begins to collect unwanted, horrible and painstakingly uncomfortable debris.

Therefore, your trail running gear is not complete if you do not include a debris gaiter – designed specifically to keep thorns, bracken and debris out of your trail running shoes.

The prescription is very basic and yet so effective. You wear the inov-8 DEBRIS GAITER 32 over your trail running sock, you then pull it over the top of the shoe. In turn it offers maximum protection and you do not have to succumb to the annoyance of unwanted clutter creeping into your shoes, hurting your feet and slowing you down.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how comfortable it is, and it weighs a dismissible 32 grams. Extra protection from the elements has been added in the form of a durable water repellent treatment that will withstand the wettest of conditions.

Its moisture management is exceptional and your skin stays dry, because its wicking fabric draws moisture away from it. In this regard, it also assists in the foot feeling more comfortable.

Don’t worry about the DEBRIS GAITER 32 coming undone as you run; it will stay steady and secure throughout your run. The inclusion of under-heel rubber fastening loops and a front lace hook ensures a snug fit. In fact, that rubber fastening is a lot more secure than a conventional lacing system.

This is definitely a rock-solid product that works wonders. Invest in this and get the most out of your trail run or obstacle race.

How do you normally manage when your trail running shoe collects debris? In what types of runs/events would you make use of a DEBRIS GAITER 32?

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