Five Reasons for You to Try Trail Running

There is something really alluring about the naturesque spin on conventional running known as trail running. It keeps reeling in converts by the drones but not without spectacular reasons. For those of you who are not in the know, here are a few good reasons for you to try trail running.


Improves core stability

Running on a trail is going to require a much more championed effort as opposed to what would be required if you are running on the road. Due to the uneven and unpredictable nature of the trail, your will have to work much harder. That in turn will force you to work your core more, hereby giving it improved stability and strength.

Improves proprioception

Trail routes will always have varying surfaces and conditions, so a path will never be exactly the same from when you last ran on it. Proprioception basically refers to your brain’s awareness of where the body is. By running on trails you will enhance your proprioception as trail running often finds you having to master your various attributes to handle the trail’s burly and hard to read personality.

Helps you to get stronger

Trail running often entails having to run uphill, more frequently as most routes often have more hills as opposed to a road route. The uphill running is a most effective and variation of strength training. It bolsters strength as a result of the resistance presented to you by the trail.

Makes you a more technical runner

Trail running takes you out of your comfort zone. As it has varying terrain, you are forced to utilise better balance, coordination and form. Having to work harder will encourage you to use good running form.

Trail running is a lot more interesting

With trail running it is pretty hard to get bored with it. Even if you have limited access to trail routes, the great thing about the trail is it is always undergoing some sort of transition – be it from weather impact or other external factors, the trail always changes. This means the scenery also changes. This will also lessen your chances from hitting a running slump.

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