Finding the Right Balance in Life

The stresses of daily life can leave many feeling trapped and stagnant. This can filter into your personal life and wreak all sorts of havoc. If this is so, there could be a possibility that you are not prioritising properly. You don’t have to let your personal perimeters get the better of you. Things get a lot better when you become proficient at finding the right balance in life.

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Let’s face it – it often feels like a day does not have enough hours to meet your daily objectives. You only have about 16 waking hours to reach these objectives, taking into consideration time spent getting ready for work, commuting, cooking and eating, that further reduce those hours – while the remaining hours should be used to get much needed sleep. You need to find a way to make time for the following and prioritise accordingly.


Good health is a cornerstone to success as it keeps up your motivation levels and it can translate into better mental strength. Start doing a physical activity, like CrossFit or running, that will get your heart rate up. Go out and do it. Health is wealth and staying active prompts a healthy body and mind. You can never out-train a bad diet, so keep your junk intake at a minimal and stick to a balanced diet. Also ensure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep daily and avoid unnecessary late nights.


As work is an essential aspect of life, make sure you treat it with the appropriate respect and approach it with the correct efficiency. Set daily work objectives and keep a systematic way of tracking your tasks. Setting mini deadlines assists tremendously and keeps you on the ball.


Family paves the foundation of life. They normally support each other in various ways and are there in times of distress. Afford them the appropriate time so that you are not disconnected from them. If you are not married, this also includes your girlfriend or boyfriend.


On a daily basis make a conscious effort to do things that are going to better you as a human being, whether it’s upgrading your skills through studying, praying or meditating. Even though it is easier said than done, try to be a better person. Make the effort to be good to people and try to do a good deed when the opportunity arises.


Do things that make you feel good (without any detrimental after effects). Whether it is watching a movie, listening to music or laughing with your friends, you need that time to unwind.

Problematic Areas

Attempt to address areas that appear to be problematic. Regardless if it is related to work or personal life, make the effort to address these areas. It may be uncomfortable but leaving those areas unaddressed could potentially lead to anxiety, conflict and stress.


It is important to remember that life is meant to be lived and not endured. Make time for the aspects discussed, get rid of the clutter and take control of your life.

What method do you use to find that right balance in your life?


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