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Increasing your grip strength is a crucial element for athletes in many sports. We recently covered a great article on increasing your grip strength and now look at one of the best tools to help you do just that, the Fat Grips from REBEL Elite Fitness.

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Fat Grips are a great and cheaper alternative to using Fat Bars or Axle Bars. Using Fat Grips regularly during training is becoming more and more popular because it increases muscle activation by targeting your body’s weak links – these weak points are generally where you make contact with an external object and that means it’s particularly your grip, wrist and forearm strength which is essential.

Using quality Fat Grips allows you to increase that grip, wrist and forearm strength, and that will transfer through to all other areas of your training. By properly increasing your grip strength you can ensure that all other elements of your strength and technique are less reliant on a potential weak point to let them down.

Perfect and popular for strongman workouts, these Fat Grips from REBEL Elite Fitness are made from a high-quality and high-density rubber compound which offers you a secure fit on the bar and a comfortable and firm grip for your hands. They fit snugly onto all barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars and cable attachments, so they’re perfect for all types of grip strength training options.

Additionally, there are two sizes available – small and large. The small Fat Grips, or the standard size, have a 100mm length and a 50mm diameter. This diameter is the same as the width on an Axle Bar  and the same as a sleeve on a barbell – this is a great diameter to work with and will challenge your grip strength for almost any training, from deadlifts to pull-ups. Then there’s the wider and fatter (large) Fat Grips which have a 120mm length and a 60mm diameter. These are much tougher to use and are aimed at those with either larger hands or those looking to develop an even stronger grip strength after building good strength with the small Fat Grips.

If you’re interested in buying these, you can order yours online here.

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