CrossFit Team Series and the South African Super Teams Interviews

CrossFit recently launched their new CrossFit Team Series competition, which is something new and exiting and it also caters for newer athletes with a scaled division, which is also new.  Here is a breakdown of the CrossFit Team Series and the South African super teams interviews…

Super Teams

This series consists of three separate competitions, each featuring various workouts to be performed withing four days. It’s kind of a mix between the CrossFit Games Open and the Regional. Each team consists of two men and two women, and what’s great is that they’re allowed to be teams which are made up of a mix of athletes from various boxes to create super teams, which is something many people have always wondered about. Even better is that RX teams are allowed to be sponsored, which makes it an incredible opportunity for athletes. Cash prizes are awarded to the top ten teams per division, making this tightly contested competition for sure.

REBEL Elite Fitness and PurePharma South Africa have decided to sponsor two super teams from Africa, and they look incredible! These teams are Team REBEL and the PurePharma REBELs.

Team REBEL consists of Jason Smith, Richard Smith, Celestie Engelbrecht and Anneke De Beer. This super team will be hard to beat. Jason Smith is well known for being incredibly strong and finished at the top of the leaderboard during the CrossFit Games Open and finishing sixth overall at the CrossFit Games Africa Regional. Richard Smith, Jason’s brother, finished on the podium at third and has been a top CrossFit athletes in Africa for several years. Anneke De Beer is a strong gymnast and managed an impressive third place finish at the CrossFit Games Africa Regional. Then there’s Celestie Engelbrecht, who has been sponsored by REBEL Elite Fitness since earlier this year, and she won the CrossFit Games Africa Regional and went on to compete and represent Africa at the CrossFit Games in the USA. Here is there interview:

Team PurePharma REBELs is made up of Andre Gadney, Louis Achadinha, Charne Smyth and Odette Calitz. This team is all heart and their amazing performances leading up to this Team Series makes them a team to keep a close eye on. Andre Gadney lead the CrossFit Games Africa Regional for two days and lost the top spot to Quinton Z van Rooyen by the smallest of margins in the end – he finished second overall. Louis Achadinha is one of the smallest athletes to compete at the CrossFit Games Africa Regional and yet is know to have huge heart, especially when he edged ahead of Jason Smith and came fifth overall at the CrossFit Games Africa Regional. Charne Smyth made waves at the CrossFit Games Africa Regional with her incredible gymnastics and strength and came out sixth overall, while Odette Caltiz managed tenth place for her first ever CrossFit Games entry, making her a girl to watch out for. Here is their interview:

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