CrossFit Myths Debunked

With each passing day, the popularity of CrossFit continues to soar like a supernova. More and more people are recognising the benefits of CrossFit and are embracing this functional fitness elixir. However there are many misconceptions and fallacies about it. On that note, we debunk some popular CrossFit myths.


Myth #1 – I’m too old to train CrossFit

That could not be further from the truth.  The beauty of CrossFit is that it is meant for all ages. A great aspect of CrossFit is that all WODs and movements can be modified to suit anyone who is willing to put forth the effort, regardless of how old you are. On a global scale you will find CrossFitters of all ages.

Myth #2 – I have to first get fit before I start CrossFit

Another CrossFit plus is that it is scalable for people of varying fitness levels. Even if you have the fitness levels of Rick Ross you will still be able to train CrossFit. A trainer will guide you so that you not lost in a workout. You will be pushed but never at the expense of your health. You will start off at the level you are comfortable with and built on from there.

Myth #3 – CrossFit will make me look too butch

Some girls are worried that CrossFit will make them lose their feminine appearance. It will make you shapelier and your muscles will get toned. In fact, CrossFit can potentially give you a tremendous figure. Check out these CrossFit babes.

 Myth #4 – CrossFit is only complimentary for certain sports

CrossFit has an unlimited amount of workouts that can be adapted to compliment skills for any sport. Whether you run, play golf, soccer or tennis, it doesn’t matter, CrossFit will still complement and enhance your skills for any sport.

Myth #5 – CrossFit causes too many injuries

While it is not uncommon for people to get injured on occasion when training CrossFit, injury frequency also depends on the individual. You can get hurt if you try to prematurely fast track your CrossFit skills. All sports have a potential for injury but training smart and exhibiting proper form is going to reduce those chances.  A good coach has the ability to identify and rectify bad form and recognise when someone is pushing themselves too hard.

Myth #6 – You have to eat the Paleo way to train CrossFit

It’s common knowledge that the Paleo Diet is the unofficial diet of CrossFitters. Yes, most boxes are going to encourage you to eat that way, however even if you are following other diets you will still be able to train CrossFit. If you are following a diet that is not as effective or nutritious, it may hinder your recovery or progress, but you will still be able to partake in CrossFit.


What other CrossFit myths do you know of?

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