CrossFit – Building Muscle and Character

An inspirational article by Pretoria East CrossFit member, Kailey Christy Le Roux. Her experience was shared by CrossFit HQ, was seen by hundreds of thousands, and now here is what her experience was in her own words…

Kailey Christy Le Roux

CrossFit – Building Muscle and Character

It’s impossible to wake up on a Friday morning and to not to feel excited. Even less impossible, is to wake up unenthusiastic on Friday the 28 February 2014 – day one of the CrossFit Games Open. Like every other CrossFit fantastic in the entire world, I woke up on Friday morning with an exhilaration that consumed my entire being. This was the start of a personal challenge. This was the start of personal achievement!

My immediate response when I saw what was expected for me to do for workout 14.1 was one of shock, horror and disbelief. Double-unders! Double-unders are my Achilles tendon, my greatest weakness in CrossFit. Unfortunately, I was born with the rhythmic ability of a dead fish. Some people have more rhythm in their baby toe than I have in my entire body. Every time that I attempt double-unders, I either hit the back of my head with my rope or I whip my arms, or both, and I always start crying with frustration. I had never ever done ONE, double-under in my life before.

It was such a de-motivating moment for me. Before I even had the opportunity to begin, I already felt like a failure. The thought of getting no points on the first round was incomprehensible to me. Why did this challenge have to be first? Was it a sign telling me that I am wasting my time? Self-doubt entered my mind and spread like poison, ruining my Friday morning.

Saturday came and can only be described as a day of weakness for me. Every time one of my box mates asked if I was ready for the WOD, I started crying. I knew that I was out.

But, that is what CrossFit is about. It’s about a community coming together, building and encouraging others. When I felt like I could not pick myself up, that I could not even try, my box used their strength to lift me up and help me through this personal challenge. I managed to complete two double-unders! My rep count for the 14.1 WOD is officially two. That is two more than I ever felt was possible for me. It is 200% better than any other double-unders WOD I had achieved. For me, I achieved beyond what I thought was possible and that was so amazing.

Here is Kailey Christy Le Roux’s Great Video

So, was it a sign for me to quit that our first WOD involved double-unders? I think not! I think that it was a sign to tell me to never to quit, to never give up. A sign to motivate me to always try. Two might not seem like a lot, but it makes mathematical sense that two is more than zero.

For all those fellow CrossFit athletes that still have to face the challenge of their weakness, I would like to offer some words of encouragement. Firstly, always try. If you try, you are halfway to success. Do not let your bad rep hinder your focus. Your bad rep is in the past. We cannot change the past, no matter how much we would like to. Focus on the next rep. And the next one. And the next one.

It is so easy to be consumed by problems and to allow those problems to make you lose sight of your goals. If there is one thing that CrossFit has taught me, it is to break everything up into manageable pieces. To conquer by completing one step at a time. Character is developed by our reactions to the impossible. It’s when we face adversity in the eye that we grow.

CrossFit is not only about building muscle, it’s about building character!

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