CrossFit Babes – 10 Good Reasons To Love CrossFit!

CrossFit and hot girls, are synonymous. The amount of incredibly sexy CrossFit girls that are out there, is undeniable. Forget those misinformed beliefs that CrossFit makes girls look too butch; we debunk that notion by presenting to you these ultra-sexy CrossFit babes, in no particular order (because that was just too difficult to decide on)…

Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott’s body is neatly chiseled and decked out in awesome ink. This CrossFit competitor and NASCAR pit crew front tyre changer has looks that make molten lava seem cool.


Jackie Perez

Jackie Perez is a fierce CrossFit competitor and is sculpted like a goddess. Take a look at her and you will be soon loosening your collar.

Jackie Perez (main)

Lauren Plumey

Lauren Plumey is a CrossFit machine and she is irresistibly sexy. It’s ironic that a girl this hot could probably fold many a guy like a lawn chair.

Lauren Plumey (main)

Andrea Ager

Andrea Ager defines herself as a vital team competitor and an aggressive individual competitor amongst the best in the world. And yes, she is so incredibly smoking hot…

Andrea Ager (main)

Julie Foucher

Brains, beauty and even brawn, Julie Foucher has it all. The CrossFit standout and medical student is a stunner of note!

Julie Foucher (main)

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet will not rest until she earns the title of “Fittest Woman on Earth”. For now she can take solace in knowing she is one of the finest CrossFit Babes on Earth.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (main)

Jessica Sharratt Stephen

Jessica Sharat (now Stephen) is a CrossFit coach, personal trainer and BASI Pilates Instructor. With all those titles, it’s safe to say she has a body to die for.

Jessica Sharratt (main)

Madelyn “Maddy” Curley

Maddy is an actress, gymnast and CrossFit competitor. The multi-talented athlete is a sizzling siren with a body to boot.

Madelyn Curley (main)

Sage Ericson

Not only is Sage Ericson a Pro surfer, she is also a talented CrossFitter – definitely one of the most gorgeous creatures to ever grace a CrossFit box.

Sage Erickson (main)

Crystal McReynolds

Level 2 CrossFit trainer and fierce CrossFit competition veteran, Crystal McReynolds is the picture of health and a tight body. If looks could kill, she could land us in some serious trouble.

Crystal McReynolds (main)

Which other CrossFit babes deserve to be on this list? 

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  1. Jessica says:

    Honored to be listed among these amazing, hot CrossFit babes!!!! 😉 Thank you!

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