Concept2 SkiErg Review

The Concept2 SkiErg makes the sport of Nordic skiing available to everyone. It’s a piece of equipment that we believe is possibly overlooked by many, yet it is a great tool for building endurance, upping your conditioning and developing core strength.

C2 SkiErg (1)

It builds strength and endurance by working the entire body with the poling motion integral to all techniques of Nordic skiing. Each pull engages the arms, shoulders, core and legs in a downward “crunch,” using body weight to help accelerate the handles. The legs then raise the body weight on the return, providing a true full body workout. It’s provides an amazing full body workout not found with many other training equipment.

The SkiErg uses the same flywheel resistance and electronic monitoring systems as the Concept2 indoor rowers and it is made to last. As well as being durable and well built, the SkiErg is sophisticated and comes with either a PM3 or PM4 monitor which provides immediate, accurate performance data.

It can be wall-mounted or free standing with a stand, features a high strength drive cord, has adjustable hand straps, and the flywheel and damper responds to your effort. Ideally, it is very compact, so it’s perfect for private homes, small gyms and it’s just as well placed in large commercial gym facilities.

If you’re interested in buying a SkiErg, follow this link to see pricing and ordering details.

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