Concept2 Model D PM3 Review

Rowing is easily one of the best conditioning workouts out there, and for practical reasons the world’s most popular indoor rowing machine is the Concept2 Model D PM3.

Concept2 Model D PM3 Review (6)

You’ll see Concept2 Model D PM3 indoor rowers at globo-style gyms, personal gyms, schools, universities, and various functional fitness and CrossFit gyms around the world.

Features are a-plenty. The PM3 performance monitor offers accurate, comparable data for every row. The flywheel and damper features mean the rower responds to your effort, so you are in control of your resistance and exertion at all times. The adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle allow for quick and easy sizing for your feet and a natural row arm and hand positions, respectively. It stores easily, with a quick-release frame-lock, which allows you to pack it away neatly and effortlessly. The USB cable for connecting your performance monitors and a log card, which stores your workout data and preferences and makes your data portable.


A dependable rower, the Concept2 Model D PM3 sets the standard for indoor rowing, and it will last a lifetime. No other indoor rowing brands compare, period.

The Concept2 Model D PM3 comes in grey and in black, and is available online here. You can also buy all spares for all Concept2 indoor rowers and SkiErgs from REBEL Elite Fitness.


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